Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair


Total Booking : 20012


Chimney basic cleaning

₹649.00 ₹549.00

Duration 60 minutes | Cleaning solution applied to the mesh’s exterior and interior surfaces to remove oil.

Chimney deep cleaning

₹1499.00 ₹1199.00

Duration 2 hrs | A specialist will take apart the chimney, clean each part using a cleaning solution, and then reassemble it.

Installation / Uninstallation

Chimney Dismantle

₹799.00 ₹599.00

60 minutes are required to remove and disassemble the chimney.

Chimney Installation

₹999.00 ₹799.00

Time frame 60 minutes | Chimney assembly and installation.


Chimney check up

₹299.00 ₹199.00

Visiting fee in case that you decide not to proceed with the repair work | Additional charges for spare parts | Entire chimney analysis to find issues including fan motor problems, wiring problems, etc.

Quick Service in 2 hours

Ordering your service Within two hours, a skilled technician will arrive at your doorstep.

We provide a 3 Months warranty

We provide a Three-month warranty on service and repair separates following servicing.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Providing quality service, transparency and fair pricing, follow-up and warranty, professionalism and respect., We accomplish 100% customer satisfaction.

Kitchen Chimney Rate Card
Maximum Labour Charges per Kitchen Chimney are capped at Rs.250
Part(S)/Service Part(s) Cost Labour Cost
Flat Chimney
Basic Cleaning₹499.00₹-
Flat Deep Cleaning₹799.00₹-
Hood Chimney
Basic Cleaning₹499.00₹-
Hood Deep Cleaning₹999.00₹-
Repair Service
Motor Re-Winding₹1,500.00₹250.00
Baffle Filter₹1,500.00₹250.00
Carbon Filter₹700.00₹250.00
Mesh Filter₹850.00₹250.00
PCB Repair₹1,300.00₹250.00
PCB New₹3,000.00₹250.00
Bulb 12,24,220 v₹100.00₹250.00
Led Light₹150.00₹250.00
Bulb Holder₹100.00₹250.00
ON/OFF Switch₹50.00₹250.00
Almunium Hose Pipe [1Fit]₹150.00₹250.00
Hose Pipe [1Fit]₹80.00₹250.00
Hose Clamp₹100.00₹250.00
Power 3 pin plug Top₹150.00₹250.00
Power Cord/Mtr₹100.00₹250.00
Hood Extension₹500.00₹250.00
Oil Collector₹400.00₹250.00
LVT(Low Voltage Transformer)₹650.00₹250.00

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